Taylor Momsen Flashes Crowd During Pretty Reckless Show

Taylor Momsen Flashes Crowd During Pretty Reckless Show

"Gossip Girl" and Pretty Reckless front woman Taylor Momsen has gone out of the way to prove that she's no bubble-gum pop princess. You won't spot her outside without her raccoon make-up. She's really into black and will not do an interview without mentioning that she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her.

To reinforce the point that there are no dreams of becoming the next Britney Spears in the Momsen camp, the actress/singer is showing off her feminine assets.

Video: Taylor Momsen Flashes the Audience

At a Paper Magazine event last week, Momsen gave the crowd a good look at her allegedly pastie covered chest during a performance of her band's song, "Make Me Wanna Die." Check out the censored flashing at 1:00.

Okay Taylor, we know you want to be bad -- but don't you think 17 is a little young for peep shows? You were Cindy Lou Who for crying outloud!

In other news, the rocker-actress will once again be terrorizing the Upper East Side when her character Jenny Humphrey makes her dreaded return from boarding school in the next episode of "Gossip Girl," which will air today (Oct. 25) on the CW.