Justin Timberlake Mixes 'Cry Me a River' with Drake's 'Over'

Justin Timberlake Mixes 'Cry Me a River' with Drake's 'Over'

We saw "Social Network," and we'll admit that Justin Timberlake's portrayal of Napster co-creator Sean Parker was pretty brilliant. But then videos like this pop up to remind us why he needs to make music again.

At the annual Justin Timberlake and Friends charity gig in Las Vegas on Saturday (Oct. 23), JT took the stage alone, equipped with an acoustic guitar and his sweet, sweet vocals.

Video: Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River" / "Ain't No Sunshine" / "Over" Medley

He starts with a slow, sultry rendition of "Cry Me a River," then segues into the Bill Withers classic "Ain't No Sunshine," then back into "Cry Me a River." It's completely lovely in an effortless sort of way.

Then things get interesting. Timberlake launches into Drake's "Over," but, you know, on acoustic guitar. He tweaks a few verses to address our concerns about his music career: "Don't be pissed off I'm an actor / It's not over (repeat) / And when I come back, I'm gonna come harder / I'm doing me."

When he went solo, JT brought it hard in the first place with "Justified." Perhaps we should brace ourselves for how hard he's going to come back. Any day now.