Lil Jon and Diplo Battle in 'U Don't Like Me'

Lil Jon and Diplo Battle in 'U Don't Like Me'

Have you ever wanted to see Lil Jon and Diplo fight it out to the death on a video game? Probably not, but here's your chance anyway.

Video: Diplo featuring Lil Jon, "U Don't Like Me"

The recently-released video for "U Don't Like Me," off Diplo's upcoming album "Blow Your Head Volume 1: Diplo Presents Dubstep," is like a twisted version of Mortal Kombat featuring the two crunk connoisseurs.

The creators of the video are the Taiwanese production company Next Media Animation, who are turning into Internet viral sensations with their bizarre yet accurate translations of American tabloid news.

In the fight scenes, Diplo is murdered by Lil Jon in dance-off competitions, street brawls and car races. Look forward to random appearances from a dancing bear, metallic horses and a flying chicken thrown by Jon as a weapon.

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It's uncertain whether the ideas for the video were brought together by NMA or Diplo, but with both of them being strange interpreters of pop culture, we suspect a collaborative effort.