Seven-Year-Old Rapper MattyB Covers Ke$ha

Seven-Year-Old Rapper MattyB Covers Ke$ha

If you've been following the most recent kid superstars Willow Smith and, to a smaller extent, "Ellen" favorite Lil' P-Nut, then it shouldn't be any surprise that there's a new, adorable 7-year-old rapper on the scene. The pint-sized performer, Atlanta's MattyB, premiered his latest rap cover yesterday (Nov. 1).

Video: Seven-Year-Old Rapper MattyB Covers Ke$ha

The video shows the tiny-yet-talented artist rhyming like a pro with his own original lyrics to the beat of Ke$ha's "We R Who We R." At first glimpse the plaid-clad MattyB looks like just another kid on the playground, but with lyrics like, "There hasn't ever been a kid my age with this flow / No 7-year-old stop then go / Haters wanna claim there's nothing to it, prove it, that says you can do it," he's not your average second grader.

And as if his rapping wasn't impressive enough, MattyB also displays his talented dance skills as the video fades out.

Is the child rapper trend here to stay? And if it is, should we be concerned that some of these kid performers are somehow being exploited?