Pete Wentz's New Band Premieres First Video

Pete Wentz's New Band Premieres First Video

Pete Wentz is back! The Fall Out Boy bassist unveiled the video for "Club Called Heaven," the first track from his new band Black Cards, yesterday (Nov. 9).

Video: Black Cards, "Club Called Heaven"

Tour photographer and filmmaker Shane Valdes directs the vintage horror movie-inspired clip, in which Wentz plays a bank robber on the run. While driving through the California hills to make his escape, Wentz inadvertently runs Black Cards front woman Bebe Rexha's car off the road.

Her husband tries desperately to save her, but is only able to save Rexha's head from the car wreckage. Luckily, he's the Dr. Frankenstein type and brings the decapitated head back to his laboratory where he connects it to an elaborate set up of machines that magically keep Rexha alive and singing.

Like every good music video, this one comes with a moral -- we think. After poisoning a supermodel in an effort to replace Rexha's body, our Dr. Frankenstein hero is attacked by one of his other deformed experiments, who sets fire to the entire laboratory in the process. It's OK, though, because despite her stand-alone head going up in flames and her dead creepy scientist partner, Rexha keeps singing about how we're dancing in a club called heaven. This is just proof that nature shouldn't be tampered with, folks. Oh, and Wentz gets away from the cops, in case you were wondering.

Anyone who has seen a Fall Out Boy video knows that Pete Wentz has never been one for thinking inside the box, but this is definitely some weird science. Welcome back, Peter.


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