Paramore's Hayley Williams Plays With Poison in 'Playing God'

Paramore's Hayley Williams Plays With Poison in 'Playing God'

Just when you thought rock outfit Paramore couldn't release yet another single off last fall's "Brand New Eyes," the band does just that -- and makes a telling music video to match.

Video: Paramore, "Playing God"

"Brand New Eyes," the band's third studio release, thematically exposed a heated conflict that developed between band members Josh Farro, Zac Farro, Taylor York, Jeremy Davis and front woman Hayley Williams. It was a brawl that centered on growing up and growing apart -- and threatened to destroy the band for good.

"Playing God" plays off the same momentum that the video for "Ignorance" did, as Williams is seen poisoning, detaining and interrogating her male bandmates with a magnifying glass in a dark basement (one that bears striking similarity to Williams' actual home, as seen in an episode of MTV "Cribs").

The video goes as far to tug at the band's subdued Christian roots, with screen shots of a cross that hangs from Williams' retro car. "It has to be so lonely / To be the only one that's holy," Williams sings. Ouch.

While the video is an accurate representation of the ill-harbored feelings that the band once shared, there is no doubt that Paramore has since recovered. Ny the end of the video, Williams has untied the guys just enough so they can still rock out together, suggesting that while she may not be forgetting the past, she's definitely forgiving. Phew!