Jennifer Grey in the Lead Going Into 'Dancing With the Stars' Finale

Jennifer Grey in the Lead Going Into 'Dancing With the Stars' Finale

Jennifer Grey tops the leader board as "Dancing With the Stars" heads into the final results show tonight (Nov. 23).

Brandy Eliminated From 'Dancing With the Stars'

The actress received her second perfect 60/60 last night. First off, she stunned the judges with a dark Paso Doble, choreographed to Charlotte Church's "Habanera." Though to us, it seems like her partner Derek Hough was doing more of the dancing than Jennifer was. However, there's no denying that Jennifer has all of the other dancers owned as far as technique is concerned.

Video: Jennifer Grey's Paso Doble

It's possible Grey was just resting her fragile bones for her freestyle. You would never believe she was over 50 after seeing her move around the floor like that, shaking it to the Contours' "Do You Love Me." She gets extra points for an ending lift while she's holding on to Derek's hips. Neither Kyle nor Bristol were able to pull off anything so technical.

Video: Jennifer Grey's Freestyle

Where Jennifer leads in technique, Kyle Massey takes over in entertainment factor. Each performance he does is full of energy, even when doing a slower tempo dance like a Foxtrot to Nina Simone's rendition of "Feeling Good." It was Kyle's freestyle that stole the show though. The young contestant put his "bionic bum" in action with his hip-hop and ballroom hyphenated dance to the 69 Boyz's "Tootsie Roll." If anything, it will be the way that boy can shake it that puts the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy in his hands.

Video: Kyle Massey's Freestyle

After a controversial triumph over Brandy last week, Bristol Palin brought out her best game for this week's finale. Her initial jive to a Jennifer Hudson, Beyoncé and Anika Noni Rose version of "Move" was a little flat-footed, but it was good to see her finally learning how to be in character -- just in time! Her freestyle was definitely most impressive, though. We were in shock with judge Carrie-Ann Inaba to see the conservative girl from Alaska dancing in a cage. It's been proven more than once that Bristol has the American people on her side, and her steamy performance to the "Cell Block Tango" from "Chicago" may have warmed them up enough to push her to first place tonight.

Video: Bristol Palin's Freestyle

If America votes on technique, then Jennifer Grey has this in the bag -- and has had it since week one. If the audience is swayed by pure entertainment value, then Massey has a real shot at the trophy. But as we've seen before, Bristol has a monopoly on votes from the home audience, even if she has made a comfortable nest for herself at the bottom of the leader board.

The Billboard vote is going for Kyle. He's still the underdog, but we like that he hasn't pulled himself through the competition based on sympathy votes. Let's just hope we haven't jinxed him.