Bruno Mars Soundtracks a 'Glee' Wedding

Bruno Mars Soundtracks a 'Glee' Wedding

So here's what you missed on "Glee": Kurt's dad proposed to Finn's mom, making Finn and Kurt step brothers, and Finn realizes that he hasn't been doing that great of a job of looking out for Kurt. This becomes especially obvious when Harry and Sam totally pound on Kurt's bully -- the one that is secretly gay but can't admit it, and threatened to kill Kurt if he ever told anyone. Kurt decides to hide from his problems by basically planning the wedding himself. Oh, and Sue Sylvester tries to marry herself but her mom -- the Nazi hunter played by Carol Burnett -- comes back to town and makes the whole occasion a downer. And that's the really watered-down version of what you missed on "Glee"!

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On a deeper level, last night's (Nov. 23) "Glee" (episode titled "Furt") showcased a rare vulnerable moment for Sue Sylvester. The unwavering cheerleading coach showed just how hurt she was by her mother's abandonment when she teamed up with Burnett to sing "Ohio" from the musical "Wonderful Town." For a few moments we get a brief glimpse into Sylvester's soul, and it's not nearly as creepy or termite-filled as you think. In fact, it explains a lot about Sue and especially why she stands up for Kurt -- but more on that later.

Video: "Ohio" by Carol Burnett and Jane Lynch on "Glee"

Since Kurt is unfathomably talented with wedding planning, you can only imagine how perfect it was. The wedding opened with the "Glee" cast dancing down the aisle to Bruno Mars' "Marry You." It is becoming clear that Sam and Quinn are out to become McKinley High's cutest couple (except for Kurt and Blaine -- no one could possibly be cuter than Kurt and Blaine). Just look at those two adorable blondes shimmy down the aisle, and she agreed to wear his promise ring! Seriously, how could you not have butterflies?

Video: "Glee" Cast Performs "Marry You"

Of course, no "Glee" wedding could be complete without a Mr. Schuester solo. Our favorite curly-haired choir teacher stepped up to the mic for an inspired rendition of Michael Buble's "Sway." It was one of the more low key performances of the season, but we were still impressed with the way Matthew Morrison can handle a microphone. What we wouldn't give to have that piece of perfection singing at our wedding -- please allow for dreamy sighs to go here.

Video: Matthew Morrison Sings "Sway" on "Glee"

Finn gets the award for most touching moment of the show. While Finn has been pretty shady when it comes to looking out for Kurt, he steps up to the plate, saying from now on he's always going to look out for his new brother. To affirm his promises, he starts up a glee club performance of "Just the Way You Are," which is meltworthy enough, but when you add in Finn dancing with Kurt without getting all weird about it, you realize that this is the warm, fluffy goodness that "Glee" is made of.

Video: Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are" Performed on "Glee"

However, the show doesn't end on such a cheesily happy note. Kurt finds out that his bully was able to get his expulsion overruled due to lack of evidence that violence was ever involved in the threat. Kurt is so freaked out at the prospect of having to fear for his life again that his parents give up their honeymoon money to pay for him to transfer to Dalton Academy. This means that the glee club will lose one of their star players, but luckily for everyone watching it means more Blaine and the Warblers, and that can never be a bad thing. Next week we'll see how the Gleeks manage at sectionals without their second-in-command soprano competing with another team. If they can stay away from Journey, there's a chance McKinley can pull it off -- fingers crossed!


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