Coldplay Releases Unexpected Christmas Song, Video

Coldplay Releases Unexpected Christmas Song, Video

It turns out that presents aren't the only surprises to be found this holiday season. Coldplay released a new song and video for "Christmas Lights" Tuesday (Nov. 30) that has the band playing on a stage reminiscent of a pop-up book.

Video: Coldplay, "Christmas Lights"

The video starts off with an old gramophone record starting up and a multi-colored piano playing with no one at the bench. Band members lie on their backs looking up to the camera, as lead singer Chris Martin begins singing about a fight on Christmas night -- perhaps a tail from married life with wife Gwyneth Paltrow?


Curtains part to show the band on a dimly-lit stage as Martin begins playing the piano and sings, "Like a drunken Elvis singing / I go singing out of tune," while three Elvis impersonators glide across the stage playing violins. Sort of like a colorful, hectic set of a primary school play.

For the finale, confetti falls from the sky and fireworks explode in front of the stage, hinting at the lyrics, "Oh Christmas lights / Light up the fireworks in me."

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A little Coldplay was just the thing to make the holidays a little bit sweeter this year.