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Daft Punk Enters 'Tron' World in 'Derezzed' Video

To celebrate the release of their "Tron: Legacy" soundtrack today, Daft Punk has issued an action-packed music video for instrumental album track "Derezzed." The clip finds the electronic duo entering the futuristic "Tron" world and engaging each other in an activity that can only be described as motorcycle jousting.

Video: Daft Punk, "Derezzed"

Daft Punk's Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter enter the abandoned Flynn's Arcade and drop a pair of quarters into the Derezzed arcade game. The synth-driven dance track kicks in once the duo is sucked into the "Tron" universe and suit up for a battle on a neon-light grid.

Daft Punk Reveals 'Tron: Legacy' Tracklist

"Derezzed" was first heard during a trailer for "Tron: Legacy" that was released in October. Daft Punk wrote their first original film score for the Disney flick, which hits theaters on Dec. 17.