Adele Breaks Dishes in 'Rolling In The Deep' Video

Adele Breaks Dishes in 'Rolling In The Deep' Video

Sometimes you just need to break something to help deal with the pain of a broken heart. Adele puts that philosophy to good use in her music video for "Rolling in the Deep," which debuted yesterday.

Video: Adele, "Rolling In The Deep"

The British singer belts her way through the video from a chair in a deserted apartment. Around her images flash of a gigantic pile of broken dishes, a room of half-filled water glasses and a mysterious dancer pounding away in a cloud of white smoke. At one point, a model replica of New York City is burned to ashes. This looks like one rough break-up.

Adele to Release '21' Sophomore Album in February

"Rolling" is the first single from Adele's sophomore album "21," which will be released in the US on Feb. 22 and Jan. 24 in the UK.

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