Watch: Diddy Shows Fans 'His' New York

Watch: Diddy Shows Fans 'His' New York

Diddy is back in New York and making that interesting web content. And by "interesting" we mean that he has truly lost his mind.

In his latest effort to promote the new Diddy-Dirty Money album "Last Train to Paris," which will be released Dec. 14, Diddy hung out near his New York Bad Boy Entertainment offices and filmed a video clip to tell his fans that he's back in the Big Apple.

Video: Diddy Lets Loose in New York

Between announcements that he "owns these streets" and that he's "back on the bullshit -- but in a good way," Diddy stopped for some ice cream (in December... seriously, he's crazy) and chased random New Yorkers down the sidewalk to convince them they need to buy multiple copies of his album. The MC/mogul then showed the camera how to walk with swag, swinging a hand full of $20 bills as he walked down the street.

Since this is a recession, we feel it's to warn people that walking through NYC waving a wad of cash around is not in your best interest, no matter how "gangsta" you think it looks. Unless of course, like Diddy, you have a full-fledged security team with you at all times. Then you can swag away.