Justin Bieber Teaches Barbara Walters How To Dougie

Justin Bieber has seen his name on a lot of charts this year, but one of the most unique may be Barbara Walter's list of the "10 Most Fascinating People of 2010." Bieber's interview for Barbara's annual special aired last night (Dec. 9) on ABC.

Video: Justin Bieber Interviewed by Barbara Walters

In the clip Bieber discusses his rise to fame, being approached by Justin Timberlake and Usher after videos of him performing in a local talent show went viral, how he stays grounded, and of course -- girls. Relax Beliebers, he's still single, but isn't opposed to a make-out session every now and again.

During extra footage from the interview, Bieber puts his dancing feet to good use and teaches Barbara Walters how to Dougie. She didn't do too bad! She seems as mesmerized by Bieber's dance moves as the rest of the world, though. It's true, not even Barbara Walter is immune from Bieber fever.

Video: Justin Bieber Teaches Barbara Walters How to Dougie