Watch: The Strokes Discuss the Art of the Mixtape

Watch: The Strokes Discuss the Art of the Mixtape

Remember the days of cassette tapes? Well The Strokes do, and in the first interview footage of the band in more than three years, its members talk about their experiences making mixtapes and musical beginnings.

Video: The Strokes Discuss the Art of the Mixtape

Guitarist Albert Hammond Jr recalls the song "Hula Hoop" by Alvin and the Chipmunks being the first song he put to a cassette, while frontman Julian Casablancas cites the '90s dance hit "Hippychick" by Soho. Also revealed in the clip is bassist Nikolai Fraiture's love of "Ice Ice Baby." Who knew?

The Strokes' Fourth Album 'Finally Finished,' Says Singer

One of the most difficult aspects of making a mixtape is the timing, which has to be precise when recording a song from the radio. Drummer Fabrzio Moretti explains it as a science experiment saying, "We were like alchemists, we were in our bedroom and that was our laboratory, and the CDs and records were like our test tubes."

While carefully selecting songs for a mixtape, Moretti actually dicovered the Beatles by putting Aerosmith's version of "Come Together" on one of his mixes.

Now that the band's first album in four years is complete, maybe we'll get to put new Strokes songs on our mixtapes.