Watch: Lady Gaga Bites the Head Off Santa Doll

Lady Gaga in plastic with claw. Day one at Lollapalooza 2010.

Ozzy Osbourne once made headlines for biting off the head of a bat on stage. Lady Gaga is now garnering attention because she decapitated a Santa Claus doll with her teeth. You can decide which is more badass.

Video: Lady Gaga Bites Off Santa's Head

Lady Gaga went a bit evil on the holidays during one of the London stops of her Monster Ball world tour last night (Dec 16). The singer was greeting her fans in the front row when she found a Santa doll thrown on stage. "I do like Christmas," she admitted while holding up the doll, "but for those of you feeling lonely this Christmas, just to keep everyone happy…" and then Gaga bit off the head of the doll.

As if that wasn't cruel enough, she crushed the remaining part of the doll under her stiletto heel, shouting, "I hate the holidays! I'm alone and miserable, you f**king dumb bit of toy!" Apparently dear old St. Nick was "pregnant with chemicals not OK for children," according to Gaga.

Poor Santa.