Watch: One of Teena Marie's Last Interviews

Watch: One of Teena Marie's Last Interviews

Most knew Teena Marie for her hits throughout the 1980s, but Lady T recorded music up until the end of her life, including her successful 2009 album, "Congo Square." In one of Teena Marie's final interviews, which was filmed in October 2010, the legendary songstress discussed her recent work and praised modern performers including Lil Wayne and Drake.

Video: One of Teena Marie's Final Interviews

Teena Marie sang the praises of west coast rap and early hip-hop for its lyrical content, and commented that most modern music she encountered was either "too corny" or "too foul" for her taste. "You gotta filter through so much stuff to find good music, and back then, everything was good," she said, echoing the sentiments of discerning music fans.

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Additionally, Teena Marie revealed that she was considering a return to the Cash Money label, specifically to its classics imprint, which she recorded under for numerous albums. Marie also mentioned that she had recently recorded music with her daughter, Alia Rose.

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