Young Justin Bieber Plays Drums in New 'Never Say Never' Clip

Young Justin Bieber Plays Drums in New 'Never Say Never' Clip

Bieber fever will hit movie theaters when "Never Say Never," the 3D film that recounts Justin Bieber's rise to the top, is released on Feb. 11. A new clip from the Paramount film has been posted on and shows the pop star showcasing his natural musicianship while learning to play the drums at a young age.

The video finds a tiny Bieber unwrapping his first drum on his birthday, and he is later shown keeping the beat on the seat of a chair. "Where does this talent come from? Does he play drums?" asks duly impressed neighbor Nathan McKay. "Man, you gotta get this kid a kit!"

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After jamming out with his mom's friends, Bieber starts to gain some attention when he plays "The Justin Bieber Benefit Concert" at a local hotel. He eventually gets a full drum kit, and show-stopping solos at arena concerts soon follow.

"Never Say Never," whose first full trailer was released last month, could be in for a huge debut based on advance sales: 26,000 tickets for a Feb. 9 screening of the biopic were sold in just 12 hours earlier this month. Meanwhile, Bieber is prepping the follow-up to "My World 2.0," with the album possibly including collaborations with Rascal Flatts and Chris Brown.

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