Lana Del Rey Tries TV Once More: Watch 'Video Games' on 'Letterman'

Lana Del Rey Gets 'Hunger Games' Parody Video: Watch

It seems even David Letterman knows the score when it comes to Lana Del Rey.

Leading into her performance on the "Late Show" last night (Feb. 2), Dave introduced Del Rey as a "much-talked-about young singer-songwriter." Way to keep it PC, Letterman! Between that and his post-performance invitation for Lana to come back tomorrow, it almost makes up for the fact that he pronounced her first name slightly wrong and informed the TV masses that her album -- "Born to Die" -- would "be in stores next week" (it was released Tuesday).

As the performance of her calling card track, "Video Games," Lana Del Rey kept it simple with her vocals and stage movement. It paid off, and was a considerable improvement from her deer-in-headlights, vocally-scattered (and not to mention widely-panned) "Saturday Night Live" performance earlier this month. Watch the Letterman gig below.

Was Lana Del Rey's performance on Letterman an improvement from her "SNL" gig a few weeks ago? Sound off, since that's what the Internet loves doing the most when it comes to Lana.