Lana Del Rey Improves Live: Watch Her 'Jimmy Kimmel' Performance

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After giving one of the most widely-panned performances in "Saturday Night Live" history and following that up with a more polished showing on "Letterman" two weeks ago, Lana Del Rey is finallly getting the hang of it. On last night's (Feb. 13) "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the "gangster Nancy Sinatra" gave a solid performance of her breakthrough track, "Video Games." Watch below.

Lana's voice sounded more stable, and she moved minimally, which seems to work better for her than not knowing what to do with her hands. See? Practice helps, people -- and Lana will have plenty of it. Despite rumors that she cancelled a spring tour, Del Rey's publicist told last week that there never was a spring tour announced, but rather, a tour this October -- which is still on.

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