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Santigold Finds Spirituality In 'Disparate Youth' Video

Santigold Finds Spirituality In 'Disparate Youth' Video

In her latest video for "Disparate Youth," progressive hip-pop princess Santigold cruises the beautiful, breezy tropics and treks through the jungle in search for profundity within the natural world.

With a dub reggae half-step tempo, shimmering synth leads, and soothing vocals, "Disparate Youth" sounds unlike previous bass-driving tribal Santigold tracks. In the video, Santigold explores an island locale with young face-painted children in search of a group of wise men living within the jungle brush. Matching the serene aura of the song, Santigold seems at peace, riding her motorcycle along the shoreline, setting sail with the kids, and impressively hiking in no-less-than 4 inch heels. The "Creator" singer finds a tribe within the jungle, and after connecting with the shamans, embarks on a galactic journey through psychedelic visions.

She's found herself.

"Disparate Youth" follows "Big Mouth" as the second video off Santigold's upcoming sophomore album "Master Of My Make Believe." The album is slated for a spring release, but no specific date has been set yet.