Lana Del Rey Swims with Alligator-Man in 'Blue Jeans' Video: Watch

Lana Del Rey Releases 'Ride' Single From 'Born To Die' Deluxe Edition

As Lana Del Rey's profile has evolved, so have her music videos: gone are the lo-fi subtleties of her breakout "Video Games" clip, replaced by the opulent visuals of her "Born To Die" video. The official clip for "Blue Jeans," which was released on Tuesday morning (Mar. 20) after leaking online a day earlier, straddles the line between the two styles, offering a no-frills setting but a gaudy, cinematic vision of the ballad. Oh, and an alligator that has no trouble turning into that tattooed guy from the "Born To Die" video.

That tattooed guy (whose real name is Bradley Soileau) hypnotizes Lana Del Rey as she heads to the pool for a quick, sultry, black-and-white dip. Slow-motion shots of the pop singer emerged in water, swimming toward her own personal James Dean, quickly turn into blurry images of a reptilian embrace, as her dream man might not be exactly what he seems (human).

After starting at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart upon its January release, Lana Del Rey's debut album, "Born To Die," comes in at No. 43 on last week's chart. The singer plans to kick off her first official headlining tour this fall.