Far East Movement Enlist LMFAO for 'Live My Life' Video

Far*East Movement Is Back with More 'Booty-Poppin' Music'

What happens when Justin Bieber sings the hook to your new single but is unavailable for the song's video shoot? If Far East Movement's latest clip is anything to go by, you grab another huge music star - - like in this case, LMFAO's RedFoo.

The "Like A G6" group just premiered their new music video for "Live My Life" as a Party Rock Remix version with RedFoo. While the song has its LMFAO influence with showers of synths, the video also seems to be completely taken over by the "Party Rock" lifestyle. Zebra print, disco balls, simple choreographed flash mobs, and that dancing robot all make appearances throughout. It's a combination that makes for great fun, despite the possibility of viewers confused of which electro-pop rap group they're watching.

In addition to RedFoo, the superstar factor is upped by Afrojack's "Take Over Control" singer Eva Simons (2:23), as well as a few electronic music DJs,that all join in on the fun in Amsterdam.

All in all, it's another LMFAO approved party to remember this time adding Far East Movement to the mix.