Nick Jonas Smashes iPad, Gets 'Pissed Off' in 'GMA' Prank: Watch

Nick Jonas Smashes iPad, Gets 'Pissed Off' in 'GMA' Prank: Watch

Nick Jonas and the creators of MTV's "Punk'd" teamed up Thursday morning (May 17) to prank "Good Morning America" host Josh Elliott.

After a complex set-up, Elliott is in the middle of interviewing Jonas when he asks a controversial (but fake) question about a lawsuit over the Jonas Brothers' "A Little Bit Longer." Watch above as the pop star gets irritated, finally standing up and yelling at the TV host. The action starts at 3:40.

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When Elliott pulls out his iPad to show Jonas a video of the song in question, the 19-year-old throws it on the ground, stomps on it, and then chucks it across the room into a wall. (Yikes.) Elliott's face is hilarious as he attempts to remain calm and professional, while both Jonas and a fake PR rep call him an "idiot." Finally they break down and the youngest JoBro yells, "You just got punk'd!"

Later on the episode, Jonas and Elliott met up in Times Square, showing off the shattered iPad and laughing about how the whole prank went down. "I did some research the night before on some classic freak-out interviews," Jonas laughed, referencing another famous "GMA" meltdown, perhaps?