Linkin Park Ignite in 'Burn it Down' Video: Watch

Linkin Park Ignite in 'Burn it Down' Video: Watch

Linkin Park Coming off a stellar performance at the Billboard Music Awards last weekend, Linkin Park debuted the electricity-infused music video for their lead single, "Burn It Down," on Thursday (May 24).

From the weighty beat to the synth-heavy hook, it's clear from the start that even this classic aggro-metal band is not immune to the electro epidemic that is sweeping across most musical genres.

Linkin Park's digital infusions are not only audible, but visible. Though lacking in any coherent plot or narrative, this unconventional performance video focuses completely on synthetic visuals, displaying nothing but the six-man band rocking out in an electrically-charged room.

Despite the obvious sonic experimentation in "Burn It Down," lead singer Chester Bennington's distinctive roar anchors down the track and harkens memories of their rocking "Hybrid Theory" days. That plus a quick shot of Bennington's top-notch fist pumping assures viewers that Linkin Park is still far from diving completely into electro-hipster waters.

With pulsing blue electrocutions and haunting shots of the band members actually engulfed by fire, this simple yet striking video displays the group's new electro influences without relinquishing their long-standing and rebellious rock roots.