Adam Lambert Goes Sci-Fi for 'Never Close Our Eyes' Video

Adam Lambert Goes Sci-Fi for 'Never Close Our Eyes' Video

Adam Lambert's new video for "Never Close Our Eyes" is one part futuristic sci-fi movie and one part rave, with "1984"-inspired cameras, pale, robotic people, and blue billowing clouds of smoke emanating from Lambert's hands. Watch below as the "American Idol" runner-up frees his fellow citizens from their mindless state, then fights the police and has a colorful, choreographed celebration.

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It all starts in a small, dark room -- similar to the one Lambert found himself locked in for his "Better Than I Know Myself" video -- as a computer switches the pop star's status from "Sleeping" to "Awake." Cameras are always watching and armed soldiers are everywhere as Lambert and his fellow black-eyed robots move from place to place, popping pills like candy and being scanned by futuristic machines.

Chatting with earlier this month, Lambert talked about the new video, but he stayed pretty mum on the details. "There's a little sci-fi energy to it. It's very cinematic. It was inspired by a couple different films," he said in the Live Q&A. "It was a fun shoot. We did it in one day and it was great. The director is Dori Oskowitz and he's awesome."

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