Watch Cookie Monster's 'Share It Maybe'

Watch Cookie Monster's 'Share It Maybe'

Just when we thought the "Call Me Maybe" covers had finally been put to bed, Cookie Monster of Sesame fame released his very own parody, "Share It Maybe," which arguably takes the cake-all of it-for best "Call Me Maybe" spoof.

"Hey, me just met you, and this is crazy / But you got cookie, so share it maybe?" grunts Cookie Rae Jepsen in the chorus, exploring lyrics beyond "Om nom nom nom" and reaching his hand into a jar of more poignant lines.

The video, which was released today (July 10) features the beloved blue monster ogling a big ol' bowl of cookies traveling around the Sesame Workshop office, complete with a flash mob sequence and an ode to Jimmy Fallon's popular rendition.

"Call Me Maybe" continues to claim the No. 1 slot on the Billboard Hot 100, and Jepsen's untitled debut album is slated to land this September.

Skim milk, anyone?