Bloc Party Gets Colorful in 'Octopus' Video: Watch

Bloc Party Gets Colorful in 'Octopus' Video: Watch

Bloc Party Following a four-year hiatus that saw more than a few break-up rumors, Bloc Party is back with "Octopus," the first single off its new record, "Four." The number four holds a lot of meaning for the U.K. indie rockers -- not only is it the number of years since they released their last record, but it's also the title of their upcoming studio album, which will be their fourth LP.

Sonically, "Octopus" takes the band back to the earliest days of "Silent Alarm," the group's 2005 debut. Despite the hectic guitars, lead singer Keke Okereke's strained voice, and the overall upbeat tempo, the track is pure rock 'n' roll, making a swift change from Bloc Party's last release, 2008's "Intimacy," which found the band in more electronic territory.

Bloc Party To Release Album Number 'Four' in August

The uncomplicated video, which has the four members of Bloc Party playing the track in an old warehouse while women dance in black leotards, spinning hula hoops and ribbons of primary colors, is a fitting complement for the song's simple, driven indie sound. Bright colors flash across the screen, working with both the primary color theme and the beat of the music. Eventually, things get a little crazier in the warehouse, with members performing in front of screens that show nothing but black and white static.

"Four" will be released Aug. 21, and the group kicks off a U.S. tour in support of the album on Sept. 14.