Watch: Cee Lo's 'F**k You' Performed in Sign Language

Watch: Cee Lo's 'F**k You' Performed in Sign Language

Cee Lo Green's "F**k You" may be a Grammy-nominated mainstay of 2010 popular music, but chances are you haven't seen the song performed quite like this.

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For the final exam in her college-level sign language class, a female student named Anna put a whole new spin on the smash pop hit.

Video: College Student Signs Cee Lo Green's "F**k You"

With the song accompanying her moves, Anna breaks into an animated, energetic performance of the tune. And just as with Green's truly awesome video for the song, her facial expressions are all too telling of the meaning of the song.

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The question now is: How long will we be able to get away with using a "choice" few of these signs around the workplace before the boss figures out what they mean? Now's your window of opportunity!