Cee Lo Interviews Himself, 'Actor's Studio'-Style

Cee Lo Interviews Himself, 'Actor's Studio'-Style

In preparation for his appearance ( and likely Gywneth Paltrow duet) on this weekend's "Saturday Night Live," soul man Cee Lo Green appears in a hilarious skit for AOL's Spinner.com, in which the "F**k You" singer more or less interviews himself.

Video: Cee Lo Interviews Cee Lo

Green reimagines the set of James Lipton's long-running "Inside the Actors Studio," performing not only as himself, but as Lipton as well.

Donning "whiteface" makeup for his Lipton-channeling appearance, Green asks himself plenty of staple questions from "Inside the Actor's Studio."

"What is your favorite word?" asks Cee Lo Lipton.

"Well, I have a few," responds Cee Lo Green. "Splendiferously, indubitably, sanctimonously, sexy."

"What's your least favorite word?"


With his comedic timing, Cee Lo had better get some face time on "SNL" this weekend.