'Idol' Judge Randy Jackson Gives Jennifer Lopez's Singing a '7'

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It's a good thing Jennifer Lopez isn't getting in front of Randy Jackson for an assessment of her talent anytime soon. On "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night (Jan. 18), "American Idol's" veteran judge was asked to rate Lopez's singing ability on a scale of one to 10. His answer? "She would definitely get a strong, solid 7," he said to host Jimmy Kimmel's surprise. After all, a 7 pretty much amounts to a C-.

"A seven's really good," Jackson insisted. "She doesn't have the biggest voice in the world, but she can sing. It's the package -- look at Britney [Spears], Ke$ha, [Lady] Gaga, they're not like my girl Mariah Carey."

Video: Randy Jackson talks Jennifer Lopez on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

The head scratching continued when Kimmel inquired as to where Lady Gaga would land on the scale. "I'd probably give her a 7 as well," said Jackson, prompting another double-take from the host, who remarked, "You believe Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez are on equal status?"

After a moment of deliberation, Jackson back-pedaled: "OK, I give Gaga an 8."

Ouch! Maybe what they're saying about Randy turning to the harsh side is true. Unapologetic and wholly unintimidated, in taking Simon Cowell's seat at the table, has some of the former judge's TV savagery managed to seep through the leather? We'll find out soon enough: Season 10 premieres tonight!