Amanda Palmer Champions Pubic Hair in 'Map of Tasmania'

Amanda Palmer Champions Pubic Hair in 'Map of Tasmania'

Amanda Palmer: de facto leader of the Dresden Dolls, master Twitter user and now, pubic hair activist?

Video: Amanda Palmer, "Map of Tasmania"

In her new video, Palmer prances about, exposing her flower and glitter-covered, er, downstairs business. Folks, this one's definitely not safe for work, unless your line of work is gynecology.

On the surface, Palmer's song, which was written shortly before she took the stage at a 2009 show in Tasmania, may seem silly. After all, down in the triangular-shaped island off the coast of Australia, the phrase "map of Tasmania" refers to a woman's pubic hair. However, Palmer recently explained a deeper meaning behind "Map of Tasmania."

"I've been really shocked and distressed to find out that 8- and 9-year-old girls are getting all their pubic hairs waxed off by their mothers," she told Spin. "I think if I have any purpose at all, it's to stand up there and say, 'Oh, no, no, no, no, girls. You totally have a choice. You can wax it, you can shave it, you can grow it out, and this really is up to you.' That's the way that I feel about everything, that you just need to know there's a choice out there."