Selena Gomez Belts Out BSB's 'I Want It That Way' Backstage

Selena Gomez and her band, the Scene, have covered the Backstreet Boys' 1999 staple "I Want It That Way" in concert before, but in a video posted yesterday (Jan. 25) on the singer's YouTube, the 18-year-old puts a new, DIY-ish twist on the tune.

Video: Selena Gomez Covers BSB's "I Want It That Way" Backstage

Adding her backing band's vocals to the din, Gomez and co. sing along to the original, over-dramatizing the performance in their dressing room. Eventually, Gomez waltzes over to a few seated individuals, passionately crooning to them and trying to incite them to sing along -- "You know the words!" calls one band member to an at-first-hesitant participant.

Is it as passionate a performance as this? Of course not. Amusing nonetheless? You bet.