Sleigh Bells Get Violent in Bloody 'Rill Rill' Video

At first, Sleigh Bells' new video for "Rill Rill" seems like a possible rehashing of Gorillaz's "Stylo" video, as bandmates Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller speed down a dusty desert road in a classic car. However, the similarities end there -- unless we're counting the violent themes present in both clips.

Video: "Rill Rill," by Sleigh Bells

What exactly does the video mean? We're not sure. But if you're a fan of blood dripping from telephones, attractive women wielding switchblades and people (and guitars!) being pushed out of a moving car, you're in for a treat.

But to be honest, if that last bit excites you, you're sick. That doesn't look like a cheap guitar! We feel for you, Derek.