Justin Bieber Tempts 'Church Lady' on 'SNL,' Linkin Park Performs

Linkin Park may have been last night's (Feb. 5) musical guest on "Saturday Night Live," but a certain promo-happy pop star dropped by just for the antics.

Justin Bieber tempted host Dana Carvey's signature "Church Lady" character (with her show "Church Chat"), who admitted that Bieber made her "naughty parts tingle." "Say my name with your angel's voice," Church Lady cooed, later asking Bieber, "How's Lil Wayne?"

Video: Justin Bieber and "The Church Lady," "SNL," 2/5/2011

Bieber also got friendly with Andy Samberg -- or rather, Andy Samberg got friendly with him -- in a digital short parodying the new psychological thriller "The Roommate."

Video: Justin Bieber's "The Roommate," "SNL," 2/5/2011

Following the band's show at Madison Square Garden on Friday, Linkin Park rocked "SNL" last night with performances of "A Thousand Suns" singles "Waiting For the End" and "When They Come For Me."

Video: Linkin Park Performs "Waiting For the End" on "SNL," 2/5/2011

Video: Linkin Park Performs "When They Come For Me" on "SNL," 2/5/2011

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