Lady Gaga Denied Entry Into Her Old Apartment With Anderson Cooper

In an episode of "60 Minutes" airing Sunday before the Grammys, Lady Gaga gives Anderson Cooper a tour of her old studio apartment in New York City's Lower East Side -- or at least she tries to.

Video: Lady Gaga Goes to Former Apartment on "60 Minutes"

In this clip from the episode, Gaga is turned away from her former abode at 176 Stanton Street, where she said she lived for three years. She was at least polite about the whole thing ("Hi, this is Lady Gaga -- I was just wondering if I could say hi," she tells the current tenant), but seems a bit bummed to not be able to show-and-tell with Cooper.

Plan B is to show Cooper a box of mementos from the singer's past, including the first song she ever wrote. The tune's name? "Dollar Bills.

See more of Gaga's time with Anderson Cooper on "60 Minutes" this Sunday at 7 p.m. -- right before the Grammys.