Lil Wayne Paints Dallas Club 'Green and Yellow' After Super Bowl

After the Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl win on Sunday, Lil Wayne, Drake and the rest of the Young Money crew took the party to Dallas nightclub Escapade. Wayne performed "Green and Yellow," his Packers-friendly take on Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow," with a little help from Drizzy.

Video: Lil Wayne Performs "Green and Yellow" After Super Bowl

His crew gathered around Weezy, cigar and mic in hand, while he "performed" the "Green and Yellow" verses, and threw stacks of what appears to be cash into the crowd. No kidding, real cash! Weezy then tossed your mom's Packers throw-blanket around his shoulders while proclaiming, "I'm a cheesehead!" Aren't we all?

Lil Wayne Drops 'Green And Yellow' Song for Green Bay Packers