'American Idol' Top 5 San Francisco Auditions, from Stefano Langone to James Durbin

Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson wrapped up their first season of "Idol" auditions together with a San Francisco visit that was good, bad and scary -- extra emphasis on the "car" in "scary." Even if the vision of Drew Beaumier dressed as a Transformer is forever burned in our minds, the Bay City did offer some breathtaking talents; even the montage of singers who made it to Hollywood but were not individually featured was quite enjoyable. Before "American Idol" moves to the Hollywood round on Thursday night (Feb. 10), tell us how you would rank last night's most memorable performances.

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1) Stefano Langone

Song: Marvin Gaye, "Heard It Through the Grapevine"

Jennifer said: "You have movie star good looks, and on top of that, your voice does have a nice tone to it."

Steven said: "You survived that accident for a reason. And I'm about to tell you why... You're going to Hollywood!"

Randy said: "Nice voice, dude. Got a little hood up in there!"

We say: Stefano survived a harrowing accident and used will power to overcome his physical injuries; "That flame in you that says, 'I want this'... it burns more than anything," he said before his audition. The 21-year-old's talent certainly burned bright as he sang the Marvin Gaye classic, showing a delightful range that wasn't afraid to reach for his falsetto. Stefano is not just a survivor -- he's a legitimate threat to anyone else's chances at the "Idol" season 10 crown.

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2) Julie Zorrilla

Song: Sam Cooke, "Summertime"

Jennifer said: "I loved the way you were planted in the ground. It says that you have confidence and that you're a performer, and that's exciting to me."

Steven said: "Fabulous. Beautiful. Great range, and great star quality... and I liked your shoes!"

Randy said: "You made some interesting choices with notes that actually really worked."

We say: Julie discussed her childhood in Colombia and how she draws her inspiration from her parents, who escaped a war-torn nation to give her a better life. The polished singer celebrated her 20th birthday by rocking some seriously sparkly shoes and nailing her audition with a song, Sam Cooke's "Summertime," that reminded Randy of Fantasia's powerhouse performance from season 3.

3) Drew Beaumier

Song: Steppenwolf, "Born To Be Wild"

Jennifer said: "I wish my 2-year-old son was here!"

Steven said: "Before you go, how many gallons per mile?"

Randy said: "It's a no."

We say: As much as we sometime wish "Idol" was a search for the best full-body four-wheel automobile suit, Drew had unfortunately missed the memo that this was a singing competition, and warbled his way through a forgettable "Born To Be Wild." Unbeknownst to Drew, the judges would have been more impressed if he had transformed into someone with vocal talent, and not a car.

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4) Clint Jun Gamboa

Song: Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars, "Billionaire"

Jennifer said: "The vocal was so beautiful, really nice."

Steven said: "The notes and the way you sang that song was brilliant."

Randy said: "One of the best I've seen in San Francisco."

We say: After working as a karaoke bar host and hearing regular people imitate famous singers for years, Clint easily projected the charisma and tone of Bruno Mars as he sang his hook to "Billionaire." He struggled a tiny bit with the high note, but Clint dazzled the judges and earned three positive votes.

5) James Durbin

Song: Muddy Waters, "You Shook Me" and Aerosmith, "Dream On"

Jennifer said: "You sing from a different place from a lot of people we see."

Steven said: "Wow man, that was over-the-top."

Randy said: "My God, what a range! And that's full-voice, not falsetto or anything, which is CRAZY."

We say: Ryan Seacrest described James as someone with "a lifetime of hardship," and the 21-year-old unemployed singer was especially afraid that his Tourette's would prevent him from having a successful audition. With tears in his eyes, however, James performed two songs -- including Steven's own "Dream On" -- that let him show his personality, and triumphed. Randy told him twice that his range was "CRAZY," and we agree with him. On to Hollywood!

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