Chris Brown Electrifies 'SNL' Stage With Dance Moves

"Saturday Night Live" isn't exactly known for its super energizing musical performances, but during Feb. 12's episode, Chris Brown was all that and more.

Video: Chris Brown Performs "Yeah 3X" on "SNL"

Brown entered to raucous applause after being introduced by show host Russell Brand, breaking into upcoming album "F.A.M.E."'s first single "Yeah 3X," which peaked at No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. The track featured intense dance moves from Brown; if viewers weren't enamored with the crooner's Auto-Tuned singing, the choreography was something that could not be ignored.

Video: Chris Brown Performs "No BS" on "SNL"

The 21-year-old toned it down a bit the second time out, opting to perform the slow-burner "No BS." "How my ladies doin' tonight?" Brown questioned the audience to a chorus of cheers. "Well, this song's especially for you." And what the tune lacked in comparison to the electrifying punch of "Yeah 3X," it made up for with the romantic, seductive, candle-flanked performance the R&B star put in.

Of course, much to-do was made about Brown's inclusion on the show, given his headlines-making bout with then-girlfriend Rihanna two years ago this weekend. But if Saturday night's performance was any indication, Chris Brown isn't ready to lie down and quit just yet.