'Glee' Catches Bieber Fever

Last night's (Feb. 15) episode of "Glee" mounted a huge salute to the hoodie-clad Justin Bieber, but ended the episode on a more rock note, "Sing"-ing out My Chemical Romance.

Sue stages a "sue-icide" with gummy vitamins, leading Will and Emma to believe she is severely depressed. Sam thinks he is losing Quinn, who made out with Finn last episode, so he sets out to win her back by combing his hair forward, donning a hoodie and becoming -- you guessed it -- Justin Bieber. And his rendition of "Baby" gives the "Glee" girls "Bieber Fever." First mono, now this.

Video: Sam Performs Justin Bieber's "Baby"

Puck, Artie and Mike realize they've underestimated the power of the Biebs, and they convince Sam to let them join "The Justin Bieber Experience." Quinn gets swept up in all the Bieberness, and she tells Finn she wants to be with Sam.

Video: Glee's Justin Bieber Experience Performs "Somebody to Love"

Emma convinces Will to let Sue join the Glee club for a week to pull her out of her funk. Sue uses guerilla tactics to destroy the group from within, pitting Rachel and Mercedes against each other in a "diva-off." The two belt out "Take Me Or Leave Me" from Broadway's "Rent." A "Rent" revival breaks out, with Lea Michele (as Maureen) opposite Amber Riley (as Joanne). (Like mother, like daughter, as the actress who played Rachel's mother on season one (Idina Menzel) was "Rent's" original Maureen.)

Video: Rachel and Mercedes Perform "Take Me Or Leave Me"

By the end of the number, Rachel and Mercedes are laughing and hugging, and Sue is furious. Will sees this, and tries (again) to bring out the good in Sue by taking her to sing at a pediatric cancer ward. Will and Sue sing "This Little Light of Mine" with the kids, and we see that tender side of Sue that'd actually mildly tolerable. This is, perhaps, the most touching scene "Glee" has ever set.

Video: Sue Shines with "This Little Light of Mine"

Lauren asks Puck to help her perform her first-ever solo for Glee club. Puck helps Lauren with her nerves by telling her to picture the other kids in their underwear. Lauren performs a very aggressive rendition of The Waitresses' "I Know What Boys Like." Her performance is average, but scores yet another victory for the curvy girls.

Video: Lauren Performs "I Know What Boys Like"

Santana, in true homewrecker fashion, convinces Sam that Quinn did indeed make out with Finn. (Quinn told Sam she saved Finn from choking on a gumball. What?) Sue bans the Bieber, and his hair, from the choir room, and tells Will she has the perfect song for the Gleeks to sing at Regionals, where the theme will be "Anthems." The kids and Sue perform a very inspirational version of My Chemical Romance's "Sing." They sound great, and the song definitely encompasses the show's uplifting message, but why on earth are they wearing so much plaid?

Video: "Glee" Takes on My Chemical Romance's "Sing"

It seems Sue has finally turned into a good guy, but don't be fooled. Sue tells Will she's just signed on to coach "Oral Intensity," the competition for Will's kids at Regionals. Sam breaks up with Quinn and begins dating Santana. Rachel tells the club "Sing" isn't good enough to win Regionals and she insists -- gasp! foreshadowing! -- that the kids write their own original songs for the competition. Overall, this was a solid episode, if only because Sue calls Will "Spongehair Squarechin," which we think is a hilariously accurate assessment.