'Things Fall Apart' Trailer: 50 Cent Is Dreadlocked, Then Emaciated

'Things Fall Apart' Trailer: 50 Cent Is Dreadlocked, Then Emaciated

Last May, the Internet collectively went "whoa," then "WTF" at the sight of an emaciated 50 Cent, who revealed via a eerie photo that he'd l ost over 50 pounds for an upcoming role in the film "Things Fall Apart." "I understand the significance in the transformation and the weight loss process, but it's my performance in the actual film that I hope will be impressive," he told Billboard.com a few months later.

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50 Cent Loses 50 Pounds for Movie Role

Now, the first "Things Fall Apart" trailer has been released, and we're finally able to make an early assessment on 50 Cent's actual performance. The rapper plays a football player who learns he has cancer and goes through an arduous battle to recover from the disease and attempt a comeback. The movie obviously has serious subject matter, but the sight of 50 sporting dreadlocks and then looking painfully skinny is so jarring, it's hard to concentrate on anything else...also, tell us he doesn't look just a little bit like Dave Chapelle impersonating Lil Jon circa 2004.

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