Justin Timberlake Hooks Up in 'Friends with Benefits' Trailer

Justin Timberlake Hooks Up in 'Friends with Benefits' Trailer

After impressing in a supporting role in the Best Picture-nominated "The Social Network," Justin Timberlake returns to the big screen as the lead opposite Mila Kunis in the new romantic comedy "Friends with Benefits." A new trailer for the flick, which is due out in July, was released today (Mar. 17).

Video: "Friends With Benefits" Trailer

After their latest relationships (to Emma Stone and Andy Samberg, respectively) meet their demise, Timberlake and Kunis' characters agree to avoid any romantic woes and stick to casual sex with each other. As the two head from New York City to Los Angeles (and -- we can safely assume -- fall in love somewhere in the journey), Timberlake is given the chance to dust off his musical skills by dancing to Kriss Kross' "Jump" and crooning Semisonic's "Closing Time," which he mistakes for a Third Eye Blind song.

The plot is eerily familiar to January's Ashton Kutcher-Natalie Portman rom-com "No Strings Attached," but it's encouraging to see Timberlake showing some comedic chops in his first starring role -- and looking so chipper after his offscreen breakup with Jessica Biel.

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