Justin Bieber Lookalike Dani Shay Covers Eminem On YouTube

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If it weren't for their very different voices, we'd find it nearly impossible to tell the difference YouTube singer Dani Shay and her celebrity doppelgänger, Justin Bieber.

Video: Dani Shay covers Eminem's "Love the Way You Like"

Shay, one of the most uncanny Bieber lookalikes the world has seen yet, has the Internet buzzing over this cover of Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie" on YouTube. Strumming on acoustic guitar (much like Bieber himself does), Shay tackles both Rihanna and Em's parts of the song, shifting from the heartfelt chorus to the strident verses and back.

It's probably the closest that Eminem and Bieber will come to collaborating together, and although Shay's actual performance is not half bad, that's the last thing that will have people talking.

(via Vulture)