'Glee' Finale Hits NYC, Misses the Mark With Original Songs

'Glee' Finale Hits NYC, Misses the Mark With Original Songs

On last night's "Glee" season two finale, the New Directions traded Lima, Ohio, for the Big Apple -- and swapped their famous covers for original tracks at the national show choir competition.

However, the episode will be remembered more for its romantic developments -- Finnchel returns, Samcedes is born -- than forgettable "Glee" originals like "Pretending" and "Light Up the World." Let's run through the musical highlights, which did not inspire a win for at Nationals for the New Directions.

Madonna's 2005 track "I Love New York" met "New York, New York" from the stage and film musical "On the Town," as the colorful cast made Manhattan its playground in the opening number. It was enough to make anyone up and move to the most expensive city in the world! Watch below.

Rachel and Kurt finally did more than just bond over their mutual love of all things Broadway and Patti LuPone -- the two sang, specifically "For Good" from Broadway's "Wicked." It was proof enough that while her heart may belong to Finn, Rachel Berry's voice is a perfect match for Kurt's. Watch below.

As much as the "Glee" original songs underwhelmed during the finale, Charice had another big moment, performing "As Long As You're There" with competitors Vocal Adrenaline. Watch below.

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