Watch: Weezer Covers Radiohead's 'Paranoid Android'

Weezer Brings Musical 'Memories' to NYC's Roseland Ballroom

They've performed Radiohead classics like "Creep" live from time to time, but the boys of Weezer have taken their fandom one step further with a new in-studio cover of "Paranoid Android." Watch below.

The "OK Computer" track takes on a new meaning when helmed by the over-articulating Rivers Cuomo in lieu of the slurring stylings of Thom Yorke. And notice Cuomo sings "what's that" in the chorus instead of "what's this." The guitar breakdown toward the end remains intact, however, assisted by drumer Pat Wilson, who has seen his fair share of guitar play throughout the years (and in his side project, the Special Goodness). Well-regarded drummer Josh Freese, who has toured with Weezer on recent tours, fills in for Wilson in the clip, begging the question, Is Josh Freese basically in Weezer now?

Another question being begged now: Will Radiohead release a rebuttal? Chances are slim, but a raucous "My Name Is Jonas" or a woozy "Undone (The Sweater Song)" are worth what-if'ing about.