Darren Criss Mini-Me Channels Glee's Warblers, Covers 'Teenage Dream'

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"Glee" heartthrob Darren Criss, playing openly-gay private schoolboy Blaine Anderson, has some serious competition in the form of an adorable "mini-Warbler," singing along to Criss' performance of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream." Watch below.

He has mastered Criss' moves and performs the choreography complete with a Warbler suit and a heavily-gelled side part, just like the star on the TV screen behind him.

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Although his pants are too big and his tie falls to his knees, the "mini-Warbler" matches the "Glee" performer in charisma and swagger, singing and dancing in time with the episode from season two.

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Criss' original performance of "Teenage Dream" was his first appearance on the show, and the song became the fastest-selling digital track on "Glee," catapulting him from YouTube fame and establishing him as a star to be reckoned with. Maybe this "mini-Warbler" will be the next YouTube star to make it big.