Watch Britney Spears Get Giddy Over Femme Fatale Tour Stage

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It's always fun to remember that pop stars are just like us. In an oversized t-shirt, sweatpants, a messy bun, and can of Coca-Cola in hand, Britney Spears was all kinds of giddy at her first viewing of the stage set up for her upcoming Femme Fatale Tour.

Exclaiming "I love it" (no less than four times) with a huge grin on her face, Britney got the break down of her summer tour's set, which includes a rotating turntable and a humongous pair of hanging angel wings.

The clip also shows off the lighting and music sequences for No. 1 single "Hold It Against Me," showing background video of images from the music video as well as an even more energetic tour version of the song in the final chorus.

Expect lots of lasers, lights, and LED if this video is anything to base the tour off of-Britney's excited.

Wondering what that euphoric club track playing during the video was? It's album cut "Trip To Your Heart," from "Femme Fatale."

Spears' Femme Fatale tour kicks off in Sacramento, California on June 16 at the Power Balance Pavillion, with special guests Nicki Minaj, Jessie and The Toy Boys, and NERVO.