Selena Gomez Time Travels In 'Love You Like A Love Song' Video

Selena Gomez Time Travels In 'Love You Like A Love Song' Video

In Selena Gomez & The Scene's new video for "Love You Like A Love Song," Gomez hops on stage at a Japanese club -- one that she's probably not even old enough to be in -- to sing karaoke. And that's when things get trippy.

Watch below, as Gomez travels to alternate universes, hangs out with a mariachi band in a purple field, and gets close and cuddly with a series of male strangers, none of whom are Justin Bieber!

Gomez is all glammed up for her karaoke set, with big hair, big heels and makeup that barely hides the fact that she's only 18, as she performs flirtatiously for a room full of men twice her age.

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The video screen that displays her lyrics seems to project Selena into a series of bizarre video game scenes, starting on a purple beach where her hands are larger than her head, and ending in a purple field, where she's beating a heart-shaped piñata with a lightsaber.

Throughout the video, Gomez is also dressed as Marie Antoinette, performing on top of a piano in the clouds, and an animatronic face projected on dozens of TV screens. She even hops in a convertible for a quick cruise down a glowing grid that looks out of this world. The video is so strange and un-Disney, it's clear that Gomez is trying to make a name for herself, very far from the mouse ears.