Miley Cyrus Tackled By Eager Fan at Melbourne Show: Watch

Her goth-flavored ensemble wasn't Miley's only change at the AMAs -- instead of her usual upbeat, booty-shaking (i.e. jail-bait) performance, she performed the ballad "Forgiveness and Love."

Miley Cyrus was just finishing up the final song at her Melbourne, Austalia concert on Friday night (June 24) when an overzealous female fan stormed onto the stage and grabbed the singer from behind.

Fast forward to the 3:54 mark of the clip below to watch the young fan passionately sprint to Miley just as she finishes her performance of "The Climb." Right as the fan appears to get her hands on the prize, the pop star's trusty security guard darts in and tackles the fan off stage. Watch below.

Cyrus, after realizing what had just happened, backs away in utter shock repeating the words, "Oh god." and the security swiftly guides her off the stage to avoid any possibility of danger.