Joe Jonas Plays with Fire in 'See No More' Video

Joe Jonas Plays with Fire in 'See No More' Video

Joe Jonas flaunts his new maturity and sets fire to a handful of haunting memories in the official music video for "See No More," which was released on Wednesday (June 30).

After Jonas issued a teaser lyric video for his debut solo single earlier this month, the middle JoBro offers a collection of painful visuals for the official clip: he sits in an empty house staring at a dress on a hanger, thinking about his former flame as he visualizes her dancing alone in the middle of a road. Soon, the items he associates with her are set ablaze -- first the dress, then a lone shoe, and eventually the empty house is burning amidst the singer's loneliness.

Nick Jonas Live Q&A Archived Video

"See No More," which was co-written by Chris Brown, precedes Jonas' debut solo album, "Fast Life," which is set for a Sept. 6 release. Nick Jonas, who made his solo bow in 2010, says that he was "really proud" of his brother Joe's debut disc during a Live Q&A earlier this month.

"I think that he's had a lot for a long time that he's wanted to say -- some things that he talks about on this record -- but he does a beautiful job of making it just as good a song as it is a story," says Nick Jonas. "The whole record, as a piece of art, is brilliant."