Kim Kardashian's Sweaty 'Jam (Turn It Up)' Video: Watch a Clip

Kim Kardashian's Sweaty 'Jam (Turn It Up)' Video: Watch a Clip

Remember when Kim Kardashian debuted her synthesized club track "Jam (Turn It Up)" back in March, along with a promise that a music video was on the horizon? Six long, anticipation-filled months later, a portion of that video has finally leaked to the masses.

In the clip, the newlywed reality starlet slinks around on all fours in a pair of skintight shorts (or something), with close ups of her derriere and mouth. She appears to be rather hot and is trying to reach a large fan while singing about going "straight to the front of the line" at the club, where she hears the deejay playing her song. This is her first single, making that an amazing fete.

In March, she tweeted pictures from the video shoot in which she is sporting a white fur and long braids. Sadly, that part of the video is not part of this leak.

As noted back in March, the song itself relies on a bed of warm synthesizers and mechanized vocals, as Kardashian sings about clubbing and her desire to "pick out any boy that I want." The-Dream, the song's producer, can be heard backing up Kardashian's airy vocals on the chorus of the track.

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Billboard readers were not impressed. "She should just stick to... wait, what does she do again? Sorry Kim but I think I'll turn it down," said HusseinIbrahim. Another reader, Noteverasuperwoman, observed that, "The beat's monotony didn't help her flat delivery ... I can't believe it's a real track; it sounds like a demo. I know Dream mainly works with rappers, but he did her so wrong."